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Your Bit of Space
It's no longer a space race, you can have all the space you want!

Having trouble finding that unusual birthday or Christmas gift? Why not treat someone to their own bit of Space! Get a great view of Uranus, see the sun set from Mars or just pick a plot miles from anyone; purchase a unique present now by buying your own bit of space...

just £7.50 per 1 mile 3


Each plot is 1 cubed mile and you can purchase as much or as little as you want – let's face it it's never going to run out!

Get Yours!…


Featured Real Estate

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Hot Climate…

Spots around the sun are selling fast. With constant warm temperatures, never night time and as much solar energy as you can store, these popular plots are selling like hot cakes.

Most popular plots are between 130 and 150 million kilometre distance but for those who like it a little toastier then the 100 million km distance is ideal for you.



Dark Side Of The Moon…

For those wanting a quieter and slightly cooler climate then where better than the dark side of the moon.

These popular shaded plots are great favourites of Pink Floyd fans and give great views out towards Mars and the surrounding neighbourhood.


Coming Soon…

Visit your plot!

We are very excited to be working on our own interstellar space craft which you will be able to charter to YOUR BIT OF SPACE. Elon Musk’s Spacex, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin are all helping to advance space travel and here at YOUR BIT OF SPACE our own rocket is undergoing testing in the outer orbit of earth.

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Plots are selling fast on the red planet with possible life confirmed!
NASA’s Mars Rover has been travelling the red planet and the discoveries are proving very exciting – BE QUICK AND PURCHSE YOUR SPOT NOW!


Get yourself a view of the Jupiter’s famous red spot. Our solar systems largest planet has some great real estate to offer. BUY A PLOT NOW FOR YOUR FAMILY OR FRIENDS


One of the most popular plots because it sounds funny on your address. A great fun gift for your friends and family.


Get away from it all on the edge of the universe. Who cares if its not really a planet!


Get away from it all with plots at the edge of our solar system. The ice giant certainly gives YOUR BIT OF SPACE a cool address.


One of the most popular planets, YOUR BIT OF SPACE plots sell fast around the rings. Popular with party goers who want a great view from their balcony. Purchase a plot as a birthday present or fun gift.

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